How do I get listeners to my internet radio?

That’s another super common question and luckily there are plenty of ways to do exactly that.

Some are fairly easy and some require a bit more effort. 

1. Submit your internet station to Internet radio directories


There are many online directorys you can find more online by searching Internet Radio Directorys on Google

2. Invite guests to your shows – they will most probably have their friends and followers tuning in

3. Interview influencers to your show – influencers have many followers who can be potential new listeners

4. Promote your station or shows on social media 

5. Blog to get organic traffic to your site and convert them into listeners

6. Join community forums and groups to share exciting news and shows

7. Start podcasting – You can turn your radio shows into podcasts and upload them into podcast databases where you can attract new listeners. 

9. Use paid promotion – Facebook ads

10. Upload your music shows on YouTube and Mixcloud to get organic listeners

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