Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting & Developments, with a team of professionals at call 24/7 Online Audience started off as a small, private group that provided hosting freely, purely for a project and as a benefit to our ongoing experience. When the time was right, Online Audience was created and we thrive to give the best and cheapest hosting with our structural experience and business plans. We have been running for over 5 years and, on estimate, have served over thousands of services for many individuals and organisations throughout them years. During these years our experience in the hosting industry and customer handling are both continuing to grow whilst we always attempt to give the most satisfactory service for any kind of customer.

What we do




Providing SHOUTcast and ICEcast Stream on Various radio control panels to keep your radio station running well, we pffer CentovaCast, AzuraCast & Libretime



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

3 Data Centers – UK – USA – GERMANY,  Building a website is no longer considered to be an activity only geeks do. Web hosting is now mainstream and we’re help to find you best package

Our Management Team

Sandra D Support Agent

Sandra handles Billing and Level 1 Support

Micheal M Refunds & Complaints

Micheal is Online Audience Refunds and Complaints Staff.

Raymond L Network Admin

Raymond is our Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Supervisor.

Luke K Owner

Luke is our Radio, WordPress & Mobile App Developer