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App Builder Agreement provided by Online Audience . 


Intellectual Property: Online Audience hereby warrants that The Software does not violate or infringe any 3rd party claims in regards to intellectual property, patents and/or trademarks and that to the best of its knowledge no legal action has been taken against it for any infringement or violation of any 3rd party intellectual property rights.

No-Warranty: The App Builder hereby disclaims any warranty that The app builder shall be error free, without defects or code which may cause damage to users computers or to app, and that builder shall be functional. user shall be solely liable to any damage, defect or loss incurred as a result of operating software and undertake the risks contained in running The Builder.

No Refunds: The App Builder e is intangible goods, this shall not be, ever, entitled to any refund, rebate, compensation or restitution for any reason whatsoever, even if The Builder contains material flaws, Due to a 3rd Party Program, all users having issue with this program we are happy to help and try resolve it but no refunds will be given on this service.

App Expectations: in order to make the app you wish you must provide the content to this, failure to do so will result in a default app and only layout worked on, clients must provide this information to online audience for us to build the app. some features require api and other keys which is solely clients duty to get this information 

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