How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

We all want massive amounts of traffic, but not everyone knows SEO, so it could be difficult to obtain all the traffic they want at the end of the day. Sure, you could take your time and edit all of your pages so they're optimized and add plenty of great content to your website in order to build your domain authority as well as build some great backlinks, but what if you screw up? Plenty of people go out and try SEO for themselves but they eventually hurt their own rankings and that's never a good thing!

So many people get caught up trying to increase their rankings through SEO that they forget about all the other great methods to boost traffic and sales. People write up massive of optimized articles and build backlinks to them, but they forget to be on social media platforms talking to all their followers to boost their sales. People will be so focused finding guest posts, to get a backlink and boost their rankings, they will forget about PPC campaigns that can run on autopilot after configured, and send in massive amounts of sales quicker than SEO can!

In this discussion, I'll be going over 4 sure-fire ways to bring in Traffic and sales that don't revolve around SEO, and they are:

Getting on social media

Social media is an amazing place, there are literally billions of visits each and every day to all the social platforms, and that means you can tap into that traffic to make money for yourself How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO If you get on your social media profiles and post about your services or products, eventually you'll start to gain traction and bring in a decent amount of traffic to your website.

If you're already writing up a bunch of content, why not write up a little snippet of information about your website and services, then show it to everyone on Facebook or your preferred social media platform? You'd be amazed at how many people will take action and go to your website to actually see what you're offering, and they might make a purchase How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

Paying for ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
When you want to generate some quick sales, you'll need to get on some of the major PPC platforms, which you'll pay per click or by impressions to get visitors coming to your website. Since you can get super targeted with these types of advertising campaigns, you will be able to aim your ads directly at the people who are more likely to purchase, which will boost your sales and especially your ROI How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

Running a PPC campaign isn't always the easiest thing to do because you could get greedy with your targeting, so you'll need to make sure your audience is small and specific in order to get the best bang for your buck. If you are targeting general audiences, you won't notice a lot of clicks turning into sales, which could kill your income and ROI in a short amount of time. Be sure you sit down and go over everything that needs detailed attention within the advertising campaign and make sure you're not wasting money on pointless clicks, in the end, you'll be happy you did How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

Finding ads on BuySellAds

I don't always purchase ads on this platform, but you can sometimes find little gems that send you a decent amount of quality traffic, and the price could be extremely low compared to a PPC campaign. I've purchased ads for $100 and gotten 4,000 clicks from them, which netted me around $2,000 profit How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO On the other hand, I've paid $400+ for ads and gotten a lot of clicks, but 1 or 2 sales resulting in a massive loss How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

You need to do your research before you purchase any sort of monthly ad, and it's no different if the platform shows traffic statistics of the site offering ad spots. You could pay a lot and get a little, pay a little and get a lot, or you could be anywhere in between which is why you need to constantly research the websites you're thinking of throwing money at for an ad spot.

Posting videos on YouTube

When it comes to the bigger websites, that allow you to post for free, YouTube will always be on the top 5 list for how much traffic is being obtained. I'm not talking about traffic just they are getting, I'm talking about traffic you're going to get from posting your videos to their platform, and this could mean a lot of free targeted traffic from people searching your videos and eventually clicking through to your website How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

What you'll need to do is record informative videos about your niche, revolving around your website or a service you offer, then post them to YouTube. The better quality the videos is, the more often it will get shared, and that means you will potentially get more traffic because of it.

After you get your video published on YouTube, you will want to make sure your description is top notch and keyword specific, so you show up more often than anything else within the search results on all the search engines. Later on, when you're getting more views on your videos, you will notice they begin to rank better within YouTubes own search results. This means even more views and a better potential to gain additional sales for free How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO

In Conclusion

You don't need to understand SEO, or be very good at it, to make money online. There are plenty of other methods out there, like the ones I mentioned above, that can bring in massive amounts of traffic that will result in plenty of sales for your website. You can run PPC campaigns, post to YouTube, purchase banner ads, and get active on all the major social media platforms in order to bring in massive amounts of traffic. There are plenty of websites that have done just that, and they've been extremely successful without knowing much about SEO How to boost your traffic and you know nothing about SEO
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