Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients

Whenever someone starts out doing SEO for their own website, and it's their first site, they tend to target all of the keywords that have a massive volume of searches. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's not going to bring in traffic and sales quickly, which is what you'll likely want. SEO is definitely a powerful thing when it comes to bringing in high-quality clients, but you'll need to know what to target before you get started because you want to make money now and not start getting sales in 6 months lol.

Low volume keywords, also known as low competition keywords or low hanging fruit, are great to target because they tend to have less competition (obviously). That's why, in this discussion, I'll be going over a few reasons why you should always target low volume keywords because they can bring in some of your best clients.

Easier to rank for
Low volume keywords aren't as enticing to big companies, mainly because the amount of traffic won't always convert into a sale, which is a huge misunderstanding! I've actually done studies where I ONLY targeted keywords with less than 1,000 searches per month, and the results were pretty awesome Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients After about 6 months of work, I was bringing in enough traffic and clients, to make $3,000 gross each month. Now, I did have around $500 in expenses, but that's not much considering I was netting $2,500 a month after just 6 months of work. Yeah, it doesn't sound like a lot, but this was passive income and I didn't have to do much to keep it going lol.

As for the bigger clients, if you're in a bigger niche where the customers understand they have to pay more per purchase, you can make much more than the $2,500 I did lol. I was in a smaller niche to start with, and each sale was an average of $15, which isn't a lot at all compared to my SEO services that sell for a minimum of $500 a month Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients If you're in a big niche, you can still do this, and that's where the big bucks start rolling in Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients

Traffic is usually super targeted
The keywords you target will always send in super targeted traffic that converts much higher than most traffic sources. If you're ranked for "Best SEO company in Chicago" you'll likely get a lot of great traffic from Chicago, which will help you convert at a higher rate if you're actually from Chicago lol. You can target even longer keywords, think about what people are searching for like a question, and be sure to have a page on your website that is optimized for that question. Obviously, you'll want to have your content answer the question and have links to your products and services in the sidebar, but that's pretty standard when it comes to monetizing your website Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients

High paying clients search for specifics
Bigger clients won't always search for specific keywords, I'm not exactly sure why maybe they want to find companies that are ranking all over the place and not just for one or two keywords. I've ranked hundreds of low hanging fruit keywords, for my SEO company, in the past and noticed a lot more sales rolling in. It could be due to me being ranked for a lot of the long-tailed terms they client was searching for, but not the main "SEO company" keyword, which showed them I knew what I was doing across the board and not for just a single keyword Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients

Better clients want to work with companies that aren't busy
This actually ties into my last point where high paying clients search for specifics when they're online. They will try to find the best company out there, so they know you're going to do the work and be great at it, but they don't want to be your 1,000th customer signing up for a monthly campaign. Higher paying clients want to work with companies that know what they're doing, but don't have a super packed schedule, so the company can really focus on their campaigns and get them top rankings.

When an SEO company is too successful, the clients actually suffer, and this is because the company usually doesn't have time to expand and that means less time spent on the actual campaign for the client. Less time on the campaign, the fewer results the client gets, and that means lowered sales compared to a company that can pay full attention to the campaign.

In conclusion
You'll always want to start off targeting low traffic keywords, or low hanging fruit because you'll rank quicker and make money faster. There is less competition, making the field less saturated with competitors, putting you on easy street to the top of the rankings lol. Clients want to see you ranking for multiple keywords, not just one or two big ones, so they will do various searches and take notes of who is actually ranking for obscure phrases related to the niche Why targeting low volume keywords can bring in your best clients
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