Everest Cast Auto DJ Control Panel

The new Everest cast SHOUTcast/Icecast Autodj Panel has more features and utilities then all the other panels combined! Guaranteed to bring your online radio station to the next level with superior quality and professional sound. All Everest cast packages include SSL streams, no artist repeat every X amount of tracks, automated request widget and voting system, customizable players you can easily embed into your website with the included copy/paste code.



Run both SHOUTcast and Icecast at the same time from same source. Supports SHOUTcast v1, v2 and Icecast2

No Artist Repeat

Set the Everest cast auto dj to not repeat the same artist every "X" tracks to deliver the perfect mix.

Tune In Radio API

Enter your set of Tune In Radio API keys to display the currently playing track in the Tune In directory and players.

Bulk MP3 Uploader

Quickly upload your songs to the auto dj with the web based bulk uploader or via your favorite FTP client

Request Widget

Embed the automated request widget on your website, listeners can request and send shout outs depending on you terms.

SSL Streaming

SHOUTcast 2.6 and earlier versions do not offer SSL streaming Needed for Tunein & Directorys Google Chrome Viewer

Premium Streaming With Everest Cast Pro

Run your radio with  the feature-loaded Radio automation control panel, Everest Cast Pro. This application is modern and constantly been made better. You will love the array of standard and unique features hard to beat in the industry. It’s feature-rich and a Producer’s delight. Don’t be intimidated by its seeming tech look. You’ll be streaming in no time. You’ll not broadcast the old way again.

Top Features For Your Radio

 SHOUTcast and Icecast running together on the same stream
 Settings to Prevent Artist Repeat
 Automated Song Requests
 Mp3, Vorbis, Opus & AAC+ Codecs
 Advanced Playlist Schedulers
 Advanced Jingle Manager
 SSL Secured Streaming for Icecast
Easy Tag  Editor
– Dashboard Ajax Player – Navigate without cutting your stream monitoring.
– TuneIn Radio auto poster
– FTP Manager
– Analytics and Reports
– Embeddable player with up/down song voting
– Embeddable Widgets
– Calander View And More

Everstcast FAQ

Most asked Questions

With Everest cast, you're able to run both SHOUTcast and/or Icecast, either a single instance or both at the same time from the same source (auto dj or live).

To add a stream (channel), at the bottom of your Everest cast Main Home Page, click on the Add channel button to bring up the wizzard which gives you the option of SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast and a format choice of MP3, AAC+ and FLAC. 

You can connect your laptop, desktop or other compatable device to your Everest cast panel seamlessly and without inturupting listeners. The automated fade from auto dj to live will take place as soon as the DJ logges in. You will first need to download and install one of many free and paid pieces of software for your Windows or MACs/Apple.

First you will need to set up at least one DJ by clicking on DJs in your Everest cast panel on the left. After you have created your DJ, you will find the details needed to go live on the right side of the DJ page.

Everest cast includes several widgets you can embed on your website (just like you would embed a Youtube video). Currently playing, last played tracks, shoutouts, allow listeners to vote on tracks, current DJ online widget and many more.

You must have You Tube streaming enabled in your Everest cast panel in order to use this feature. Important note! You Tube is very strict with copyrights and will automatically and very quickly flag any content their system detects as so (most all popular songs today)

(1) Goto the You Tube Live Streaming Dashboard and login.
(2) Once inside the You Tube Streaming Dashboard, goto the very bottom and look for the Encoder Setup.

Everest cast allows you to enter your Tune In Radio API Credentials which will list the currently playing track in the Tune In Directory (great way to gain more listeners), and also use it to create a station playlist.

You will need to contact Tune In at address broadcaster-support@tunein.com, provide them with your station ID and ask for your Partner ID and Partner key. (free)

Modern Web Radio Automation


HTTPS Streaming

Secure native (no proxy) HTTPS streaming is available that is compatible with all major browsers and applications.