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We offer a hosted service that can grab your ‘Now Playing’ song or video from any compatible streaming server (we support Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2, Icecast, RadioJar, SAM Cloud, Tikilive, Airtime Pro, Live365, Radio.co, Centova Cast, and many more) and then add an image* and then send it over to your Facebook page. Simple as that!

You can customise the message with each post, set the frequency of each post, turn features on and off, all from your control panel.

Facebook Autoposter
Twitter Autoposter
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Discord Radio Bot

Discord is a very popular chat and messaging system that is used extensively by gamers, but many radio stations use it to keep in touch with their listeners. And for those that do, we’ve got a power tool that you need to have!

With our Discord Bot service, you can now post all of your radio stations songs directly to your Discord server! That’s right, you can let all of your Discord members know exactly what songs are playing and they will get notified in your channel. Why not create a #NowPlaying Discord channel?

You can also use this service to post timed or scheduled posts to your Discord server.

Discord Radio Bot

Tunein Auto Post

Post your Radio Stations 'Now Playing' songs to TuneIn and have your songs appear in their directory and show up in listener searches.

Telegram Auto Post

We provide a service that can post all of your radio stations songs to your Telegram chat.

Now Playing / Recently Played Widgets

Our ‘Widgets’ allow you to embed either a ‘Now Playing’ or ‘Recently Played’ widget (or both!) into your website!

Web Radio Player

Looking for a simple, yet effective HTML5 Web Player for your Radio Station?

Silence Detector

If you own a radio or TV station then the chances are that at some stage you’ll have had that dreaded call to tell you that your station is off the air…

Server Down Detection

Can your Radio Station afford to be offline? How many listeners would you lose if your station went offline and you didn’t know about it? How long would it be offline before you realised?

GET YOUR RADIO ON ALEXA "say" Alexa Play .. My Radio



Server Down Detection

How many listeners would you lose if your station went offline and you didn’t know about it?

How long would it be offline before you realised?

We have a cloud-based system that will detect the status of your Shoutcast or Icecast servers. You will get notified by email and/or text*.

Our scripts can detect the three following statuses:

  • Server is online, but with no source connected (playout down). *Shoutcast only
  • Server is completely down (Shoutcast server not available).
  • Server is back up.