It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do, has positively reviews.


Anthony Lovett

Hosting Customer
Customer Service and transparency. On this occasion, customer service and transparency came to the fore. I have had many happy dealings with Online Audience Hosting and it just seems to keep on getting better and better.

Waylon Bilbrey

Radio Owner
Online Audience Hosting is a platform for anyone with a Radio station. The service gives me an affordable and all-in-one solution for my radio station, starting immediately with services and tools available in one place.

Tony Millar-Kent

TMK Sound Int
I can't praise this company enough. They work very hard to achieve such a professional service. I'm very greatful to you all. One thing I would say is you need to bear in mind not all of us are technically gifted in the web design and some of us are gifted in other areas. If your reading this with a view to joining this highly professional company at very competitive rates then you'll be welcomed with open arms

Dean Smith

Radio & Website Owner
Support second to none most of the time it’s been responded too within 10 mins of posting! Support staff are always polite and so willing to help! Lots of other companies have got the sales patter, prices are low and support turns out to be naff. But this is where this company is very different they are cheap with brilliant support. They have had my business for about 3 years now and I wouldn’t take my services (and I have a few with them) anywhere else.