Internet Radio


Powerful Audio Streaming Control Panel

The MediaCP provides an interface to manage all your streaming media services in one location.


Modern HTML5 Audio Player

Our software offers a modern audio player that includes the following features:

  • MP3 / AAC Support
  • Media Album Cover Art
  • Multiple Mount Points
  • Winamp, VLC, iTunes and more player links

Powerful Auto DJ

Automate your radio station with our powerful playlist manager.

  • General Rotations offer the ability to automatically stream playlists from you library rather than scheduling tracks by hand. Better yet, rotations can be configured with a Playback weight as well as at what times the playlists should play.
  • Scheduled Playlists allows a customer to configure and automatically deploy playlists at a time of their chosing.
  • Play jingles on top of General Rotations or Scheduled Playlists using our Interval Playlist option.
  • Track repeat protection ensures that a single track will never play to close together.

Public Station Pages

MediaCP provides a simple and customizable public start page for each audio streaming service including: HTML 5 Player Now playing track Track history Current connections Configurable background, colors and text on page

Royalty Reporting

Viewer information in periods of Past 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 14 days, entire month or last month.
Detailed Connections & Sessions overview.
Detailed Media Files overview including Popular Media by Minutes, Playback or Country.
Detailed Daily Traffic Report.
Downloading of RAW information in CSV format.
Downloading of other detailed reports in CSV format.

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