WHM Sonic Is Now Sonic Panel New Summer 2020! The new Sonic Panel is once again in the top spot for in the market for server based auto dj panel. Featuring the same famous DJ Manager and some amazing new features like talk (or text) over auto dj and at last the ability to schedule playlists, jingles and drops!! WHMSonic is a polular cPanel plugin that supports SHOUTcast & Icecast including auto dj. Use the Auto DJ 24/7, Create Unique Login’s for all of your DJ’s – WHMSonic Switches from Auto Dj to Live Broadcast Automatically


Create your own internet radio station. Services starting at just £4/month. HTML5 player & scripts. DDoS protection. Instant setup. Free automation platform. Unlimited bandwidth. Enterprise level hardware. Professional support. Unbeatable pricing. 99.9% uptime.


With the latest Sonic Panel, you are able to quickly talk over your auto dj as well as text to speech.
This amazing feature lets you type any sentence or voice drop to instantly play over auto dj


Full SSL HTTPS Streaming works with all versions of SHOUTcast and Icecast. Includes both listen links and server DNAS which will prevent security errors in the browser.

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Multi-Language 10 LANGUAGES

Sonic Panel comes pre installed with 10 Languages Afrikaans, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish.

HTML5 Player
All Sonic Panels come with a HTML5 Player you can easily embed into your website.
Player comes in choices of light/dark, include a custom message at the top, SSL, artist information and more

  • Create Dj Account

In Dj Control Center you can set the following features:

- Create Dj Account:

Sonic Panel - AutoDj Management


In Manage AutoDj you can set the following features:

- Account
- Manage Radio
- Playlists
- Scheduled Lists
- AutoDj

Sonic Panel - AutoDj Management

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