With the latest Sonic Panel

You are able to quickly talk over your auto dj as well as text to speech. This amazing feature lets you type any sentence or voice drop to instantly play over auto dj


10 Languages

Sonic Panel comes pre installed with 10 Languages Afrikaans, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish.


Full SSL HTTPS Streaming 

works with all versions of SHOUTcast and Icecast. Includes both listen links and server DNAS which will prevent security errors in the browser.

How does Sonic Panel’s live Dj connection work?
Sonic Panel can detect when a remote source (live dj) has connected and will automatically switch from auto dj to the live broadcast. When the dj is finished, all he/she must do is disconnect, Sonic Panel will detect the live source has dis-connected and go back to the auto dj until the next dj connects.
This is all 100% seamless for the listeners, if timed right, they can even tell the stream went from auto dj to live!

Do you oversee two or more dj’s and want to offer your listeners a 24/7 music option when no live dj is online?
How Do My DJ’s Connect to Sonic Panel?
You (as ADMIN), will need to create a custom username and password for each of your dj’s.


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