4 Things Your website visitors Really Want From You

When a visitor lands on your website, they want to see a few more things than just a great website design. Sure, a great design goes a long way, but it's only the face of your business which means you need to also do plenty of other things in order to show your visitors you're the main place for them to come when they want to make a purchase. 

People want to know you have a good product or service, they want to be able to navigate through all of your pages easily, they want to trust you when they decide to make a purchase, and they really want you to respond with detailed answers whenever they happen to contact you. If you're not doing any of these, you won't last long in your industry. Below I'll go over all these things in detail.

A good service or product from you
If your product is inferior to your competitors, you won't see as many people coming to you for what you're offering. It doesn't matter whether you're selling a product or service, if you say it's the best out there, it better be the best out there. If you're saying it's the best, and it's not, you will see a wave of negative reviews rather quickly and that will definitely hurt your reputation online.

It's not difficult to offer a great service or product, you just can't cut corners in production of a product or when hiring the right people to perform a service. You need to figure out how the make the best possible thing, and if that means you purchase a competitors service or product to see what top notch in the industry actually is, then spend the money and think of it as a write off for research purposes.

Knowing what the competitors offer will show you what you need to beat in terms of quality. Build the best product and put together the best service that is much better than your competitors if you want to keep people coming back to your website.

Easy navigation through your website
Not many people think about it when setting up their websites, and I know this because I put together plenty of clients websites, they don't think of how their visitors will get around the pages they have up. Think about it, if you were on a website and wanted to find a specific section, you'll look for a top navigation menu or enter your keyword into a search bar to find it. If a website doesn't have proper navigation or a search function, they will annoy plenty of their visitors since they won't be able to find what they want.

When you set up a website, think of your navigation and interlinking before anything else, since it helps people get around your website and even helps the search engines crawl all of your pages. 

One of the websites I absolutely hate going on is GoDaddy.com because their user dashboard is so confusing that if you're not on it all the time, you won't know where the hell you're going. I have only a few domains on their website, and ask myself every time when I'm on there "Why haven't I transferred these domains to NameCheap yet?" lol.

So put together a great navigation and you will have happier visitors, as well as happier search engines because they will be able to crawl your site easier 4 Things Your website visitors Really Want From You

They want to trust you, so show them they can
If you're selling something, and you want to be seen as an authority, you need to show you can be trusted. If you don't show your visitors why you can be trusted, they will likely go to your competitors who is. this isn't a difficult thing to do, all you have to do is add some images of your certificates if you have some or have a dedicated support line with the phrase "We're here for you". 

If you can show that you're there to answer any questions that your visitors might have, they will test it out and see that you actually respond quickly. If you can do this, and other little things to show you're trustful, you will see a definite boost in sales.

Amazing customer support
This is pretty obvious if you run your own business. If you're not offering great support, but you're selling a product and/or service, you won't be making as many sales as you could be. People want to know they can contact you whenever they want, and get a response sooner rather than later. If you can answer all their questions, as well as ones you think they might ask as a follow up, you will be creating loyal clients in a short amount of time 4 Things Your website visitors Really Want From You

In conclusion
The things I've covered above aren't difficult to do and don't really cost any money, so you should be able to implement them pretty quick and see a benefit within a few weeks. If you're selling something that breaks often, it won't be seen as high quality, and you'll need to go back to the drawing board to have the best product available online. If your service doesn't do what you claim, you will get a lot of negative feedback after every sale. You'll need to tweak your service so it does what it's suppose to, and even more, in order to get the positive PR flowing. They want to trust you, so show them how they can by adding trusted certificates given to you by major corporations within your industry. You can also follow up the trust with a dedicated support line that anyone can contact you through, quickly and easily.
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